Curb Appeal: The key visual element needed to sell you home

Selling your home and getting the price you want is a lot easier if you make a good first impression

It is said that first impressions mean everything. This is particularly true when it comes to selling a house. Houses that make an excellent first impression are the ones that sell in the same way that job applicants that impress from the beginning are the ones who get hired.

The first impression that one forms of a home is based on its curb appeal. What is important to point out is that curb appeal extends far away from the home itself. People are likely to see your house and its accompanying curb appeal on the Internet.

A recent study has shown that 70 percent of buyers begin their home search on the Internet

The real estate industry has been revolutionized by the Internet. Now you can search for a house and apply for a mortgage on the Internet. This allows you to screen potential houses in a fraction of time that it takes to go out and look at every available property within your price range. It is the Internet where people will make the decision - usually within a few seconds - whether they want to actually look at the inside of your house.

All of this is why you need to give your house lots of curb appeal. Here are some factors that contribute to great curb appeal.

  • Front of the house - The overall appearance of the front of the house is the most important part of curb appeal. Make sure that the front of the house is painted. The trim around the windows, and other details (house numbers, light fixtures, door handles, etc.), should be bright and consistent.

    Painting the front door is a popular way to enhance curb appeal. Red is the most popular color, but use whatever best fits your paint scheme. You may even think about replacing the front door if you have a boring, windowless model. Doors come in beautiful, panel designs that look great in photographs.
  • Back of the house - This is where people do most of their entertaining. Help people visualize how they will entertain guests. If you have a deck, make sure that it is freshly washed and painted or stained. If you have a patio, pressure wash it and make replace any broken bricks or tiles.
  • Landscaping - Brown lawns and weeds do not sell homes. Green lawns with well designed flower beds are pleasing to the eye. If your budget allows, add nice walkways to the front and back.
  • Design elements - Houses that look like they are planned out stand out from those where things are done haphazardly. It doesn't take a trained eye to tell the difference. A well designed and constructed front porch screams "welcome" to visitors. Shutters make a house look like a home. The color you choose for paint can make the difference between a warm and inviting home as opposed to an impenetrable house.

All of these things make prospective buyers feel at home before they even walk into the house. Unfortunately, it is curb appeal that often gets overlooked.